Oh Oh this could get tricky. Try this as a starting point. Both the REC and QIN Steelhead fisheries prior to week 52 which ends around the 20th of December are in reality directed Coho harvest targeting Late Native Coho with some hatchery mixed in. It is the last remaining true native component of the Coho run and weakest. Also the Steelhead in this period is also the weakest part of the run be it the front not the back side of the run.

Using the QIN 2014 harvest to get the mix of fish gives you 1822 for Late Coho and 71 Steelhead. It puts the mix at 25.67 Late Coho to 1 Steelhead. Neither the QIN or Rec fisheries in the last week of November through the 3rd week of December are Steelhead fisheries. We just call them that for convenience.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in