Well we beat that horse to death so on to something new but the link below is to the harvest rate impact and recovery times utilizing them that was provided by Steve Thiesfeld. It is a difficult issue for all.

The email below was forwarded to me so I checked with another mentioned in the e mail and verified that it went pretty much all over the fish / political world. That being the case here you go and this is a interesting perspective.

To whom it may concern:

While my preferred method of working with WDFW staff, the Ad-Hoc Committee and the public within the Willapa Bay management framework has been through collaboration and compromise recent events have prompted a different approach.

Re: Willapa Hatchery Surplus Report (copy attached) a link for the doc I am adding https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2tWjgmgVy3yQ3htRmFyNXVQa2M/edit

I am not a self ordained president of some publicly funded advocacy group which claims to represent recreational fishers in Willapa Bay nor a PhD, however, I do have sufficient knowledge to at least fact check any document that might profess my name particularly when it is intended to affect public policy. The Willapa Hatchery Surplus Report is just another example of the crap we have had to read or listen to for the past two years. The authors of that report and/or their constituents/supporters have burdened participants, staff and the Commission with falsehoods in commentary and writing in an apparent effort to influence the outcome of Willapa Bay management discussion. So what was the nexus that brought these two geniuses to the Ad-Hoc Committee? With the post on the Piscatorial Pursuits Forum on Friday December 12 by "Riverguy" and what occurred at the Saturday December 13 Commission Meeting has now verified in my mind what many of us have suspected since the Hamilton, et al. v. Wash. Dep't of Fish and Wildlife SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT which is, this is a rigged game with a predetermined outcome. Those that are clamoring for conservation, transparency, enhanced communication and open government are secretly manipulating the public meeting process from within the agency and they are in my view a quasi branch of WDFW. So were is their accountability for transparency and public disclosure and to what level do my assumptions rise to? As a taxpayer and resident of Pacific county I resent that they live outside the county and do not even fish and yet are dictating the bay management policy. There are resources within government which may shed some light on these concerns and I will pursue them.

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South Bay/Naselle Rec. Advisor

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