To follow up a little here is the link to WDF&W Commission meeting August 2nd. In the Public Input section about three minutes in you get the GH Gillnetters bitching their collective asses off. My favorite bit is the one that objects to the harvest model understating the sports catch and omitting it does the same for the gillnetters and OVERSTATE the inriver sport catch.

After the that you just have listen to Mr. Anderson in the Directors report. Now the first few minutes is Joe Storh doing budget stuff then come Phil. First up Grays Harbor then Willapa. Typical Phil to the Commission or " lets baffle them with BS"

The Link to Audio:

Link to Video: Now if you want to watch it on your computer here is the link and you want the second WDF&W video with Public Input and the Directors Report

Edit: They added video since I posted but you want the one that starts a 8:00 AM and Mr. Anderson starts at minute 54.

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