OK this is the lay of the land as to escapement and the Fall Harvest Model. With the QIN seasons in ( R-6 refused to provide the model with the QIN in it so I put their season in ) Chehalis Chinook are minus 1987 and Hump is plus 1023. WDF&W does not separate Chehalis & Hump Chum Chum are minus 2702 for all of Grays Harbor and Chinook are 964 short Grays Harbor as a whole.

The root of this mess is the QIN get half of what comes across the bar by court decision. They are not required to manage separately for the two watersheds only for Grays Harbor as a whole. It was WDF&W that separated the two streams some years back in its management plan and these two methods are not necessarily compatible. When the QIN choose to max their harvest rights WDF&W must mold their impacts around the QIN court mandated harvest. WDF&W continues to choose not too but rather continue down WE STATE THEY INDIAN BIT road. Or to put it another way the state continues to try and impose their system upon the QIN's which is court mandated.

So we get this mess. QIN's fault? Don't think so. Can they do better? Oh he-- yes but with the attitude of WDF&W if I was a QIN fisher I would fly the bird right at them also.

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