Update from Barbara but the thing on Willapa is highlighted in red.

Just an fyi for everyone who wouldn’t know where to find this information.

Below is a link to the PFMC (Pacific Fishery Management Council) website where they have announced the 2016 Salmon Seasons for the ocean late yesterday afternoon (it is still preliminary until the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) approves these recommendations, which should happen by May 1, 2016).


The important part to notice is on Table 2, the Recreational Management measure adopted by the Council for non-indian ocean salmon fisheries, 2016.
It states from Queets River to Leadbetter Point (Ocean Area 2):
July 1st through earlier of August 21 or a subarea guideline of 16,600 Chinook.
Seven days per week. All salmon except coho; one fish per day. Chinook minimum size limit of 24 inches total length (B). See gear restrictions and definitions (C.2, C.3). Grays Harbor Control Zone closed beginning August 8 (C.4.b). In-season management may be used to sustain season length and keep harvest within the overall Chinook and coho recreational TACs for north of Cape Falcon.

This means that Willapa Bay Marine Area 2.1 will not begin until July 1st under Ocean Area 2 Rules (as opposed to previous years where the start date was sometime in May) and the retention is only one fish per day, release all coho.

Just wanted to pass on the information.
Thanks. Barbara
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