The recent Wynoochee proposal has some folks wondering just what the h---. So for the newbies to the issue are to documents from 2015 that are a proposal worked out. This proposal is pretty much to the one developed the early 90's with the exception of the use of funds for Summerrun Steelhead. The 90's proposal that was reworked and supposed to move forward several times. WDFW did not so here we are and the differences revolve around net pens location and the 400k reared at Bingham with Wynoochee mitigation moneys. The Summerrun option never gained much traction.

Results from the meeting on Wynoochee Mitigation.
July 30, 2015.
Attendees. Jim Scott, Steve Theisfeld, Mike Sharp, Ken Issacson, John ?? WDFW
XXXX XXXXX , Sports, Conservation.

WDFW, Jim Scott presented a document, Recommendations for the use of the Wynoochee Dam Salmon and Steelhead trust Fund. DRAFT JULY 30, 2015,

After some discussion, and review, and with sports input, we decided the document will meet Mitigation requirement. Other discussion followed. With $400,000 plus remaining some other options could be possible. Joe Durham Proposed, since so many feel a pay back is due, due to the fact that nothing being done in 20 plus years, an additional 15% for both species be included in the proposal. Ken will do calculation, and determine if space is available, but first reaction was that it would be workable.

Discussion followed as to what QIN is so insistent on, and further discussion needs to take place with them. Also to get Chehalis Tribe to sign on to any agreement.

1. Check on 15% addition, and add to proposal.
2. Hold a conference call with Grays Harbor Advisory Group.
3. Meet with QIN, and Chehalis Tribe on proposal, and their comments, and concerns.
4. Hold public meeting for comments, and to advise public of plan, and options,
5. WDFW to meet with cities involved with Mitigations.
6. Wynoochee Technical Committee to discuss, and sign of on proposal.
7. Present to FERC for their approval, and sign off on the proposal.
A review of trap modification will need to be reviewed, and cost adjusted for modification.

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