Not sure that I entirely follow Mr. Herrings logic. Yes I understand in July early August much to Willapa Bay sport catch occurs in the outer bay (Washaway). However my observations have been that as the month of August progresses the fleet shifts it effort following WB hatchery fish towards the more terminal areas. For example this year in late August we fished out of Tokeland and every day the majority (90%) of the fleet turned east and fished the Willapa Channel. Of course those anglers leaving from Tokeland were joined by those launching at South Bend. For the reports from the anglers we talked with the majority of the Chinook caught that week were from mark 13 eastward and yes lots of wild fish were reported to have been released. For the last 15 years that has been the typically effort pattern.

I find it interesting that as the season progressed the portion of wild Chinook in the catch (as reported as wild fish released) declined as the effort shifted from the "Washaway"/outer bay area to the more terminal area. Through week 33 the report recreational catch was 209 fish with 37 wild (17.7%) released. In weeks 34 and 35 the reported recreational catch was 286 with 79 (27.6%) released. Remember the vast majority of that catch occurred the terminal end of the Willapa river arm. It is hard to imagine that any fishery in more terminal areas that would not have caught wild Chinook in roughly the portions seen in week 34 and 35 in the recreational fishery. Especially considering the relative ratio of hatchery to wild fish in the terminal escapements the various basins.

I can understand your concern about the GH incidental catches in the WB marine recreational fishery. I would think as the fish move towards the rivers that rate would decline. However it seems that a goal of the "new" Willapa plan is to increase the non-Willapa Bay fish in the marine fishery. As the returns from the change hatchery releases (2019?) kick the Tokeland/South Bend will likely to shift even more of their effort/catch to waters west of Tokeland.