8) Recreational and WFDW-managed commercial fisheries shall be structured (e.g., schedule, location, gear) to minimize gear and other fishery conflicts. WDFW-managed commercial gillnet fisheries in a fishing area or aggregate area (i.e., Area 2A/2B/2D; or Area 2C) shall be scheduled, if possible, so that in any given calendar week there are a minimum of three consecutive days when no treaty or state-managed commercial fisheries occur. If the treaty fishery occurs 4 or more days in a calendar week, no WDFW-managed commercial fishery shall occur in the remaining days of the week.

There is the verbiage from the plan. Does it violate the spirit of the plan was the question back a bit. Yup but that is WDFW. Staff has fought implementing the plan from the beginning as they just can not turn loose of the NT Nets. One should keep in mind that the Rec season was taken out of one proposal ( as staff said no changes to Rec they are satisfied with what they have ) and three more commercial net season proposals have been directed to staff.

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in