The LONG and winding road has finally led to a BIG win for the fish and for the rec community in Grays Harbor.

Key conservation provisions of the GHMP unanimously passed by the commission today:

1) Secured a 3 consecutive days/wk net-free escapement window

2) Must meet escapement goals for each stock at least 3 out of the 5 previous years in order to have directed fishing on that stock. Else manage for a NT impact of 5%.

3) Affirmed that Hump and Chehalis sub-basins shall be managed as distinct and separate drainages

4) Chehalis fall kings are allocated 0.8% to the state nets at low abundance to 5.8% at high abundance on a linear sliding scale between run sizes of 18K to 25K. For clarity, the comm share slides from about 2% up to 27% of the total state share.

5) Humptulips fall kings will fall under similar provisions starting at 1.2% at the low end and 5.6% (memory may be a bit shaky on that upper number)

A HUGE step forward in improving the management of Grays Harbor.

I'll post the official link to the policy when its up on the web.
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