JG hit on something that was 1000 % correct & 100% wrong at the same time. What happened last year was simple the Coho pulsed through no staging low but rather mid range and the Chum came through on the brown out and better than half the coho with them in SEVEN days. So you could at any given moment half few to fish everywhere dependent on what week your in.

So JG go to the WDF&W website and pull down the escapement report and look at it by week. The hatchery run came in at about WDF&W forecast ( some above QIN forecast ) with LITTLE harvest. The limiter is wild production always not hatchery availability for harvest. Considering the numbers and everything hell you were lucky you were on the water let alone increasing the bag limit which increases pressure which increases wild mortality. I am not so sure we will be so lucky this year.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in