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5. The management of Chinook stocks in the Chehalis Basin is in such disarray that Chehalis fall Chinook have only exceeded the minimum escapement goal twice in the previous 11 years and only 3 of the last 15 years.

This is complete failure of management. Ron Warren was very defensive and unprofessional when I pointed this out at the NOF meeting.

Yup. Probably less telling, but possibly more unprofessional, was Warren's snide response to citizen complaints that, despite what appeared to be banner coho returns, anglers had a tough time catching fish in the rivers. His response was (paraphrasing), What do you want me to do? Jump in the river and put a salmon on your hook?

It's pretty clear that Region 6 staff is directed to maximize the non-tribal harvest. Unlike most of the season setting meetings, the public is allowed to participate in NOF. As Rivrguy demonstrates, we're effectively only observers there, too.