Thanks for the update. But to quote my friend eyeFish, GDITMMM!

1. This is so simple I don't know why I didn't think of it before. The solution to harvest always is to lower the escapement goal. I have a suggestion that will save QIN some time and money. Let's adjust the Chehalis chinook escapement to zero - for the QIN. I've gotten used to not fishing for harbor chinook, so I've made my adjustment. WDFW can save a few $$ and stop stocking any hatchery chinook in the Chehalis basin. Then we can watch QIN chinook salmon management in action where they have no federal hatchery $$ as a backstop.

3. So they can't even decide whether to try to fix the problem? Then that is the problem. It's one thing not knowing how best to go about finding the answer. It's quite another to toss around the notion of not even trying to figure out how to find the answer.

I was under the impression that WDFW intended to satisfy the critical terms of your lawsuit. Now it's looking more and more like they're trying to figure out how to dodge it and continue with business as usual.