So this map shows no tribal nets on inside of boundary? And is this the boundary for non tribal commercials nets as well? Are nets not in the river itself?
On another note, Melanie and I have scraped out a silver each for the 3 days we have launched out of Monte, two males of about 6 lbs. with some color and scales beginning to set, and a real chromer female of about 9 1/2 lbs.on Saturday. We released 3 kings on Sunday, 20, 25, and a real brute of about 27 to 30 lbs. that took Melanie on a real trip. Had to fire up the engine and chase it down, towed that canoe right around, even with drift socks in! I guess that 4 in and 3 out is making a difference in numbers of kings in river. Maybe we can make escapement this year!
We had a number of drivebys and a couple that busted off bottom hooks, has anyone else had red matsuo sycle octopus hooks break line at the point where the hook eye turns in? I think there may be some sharp edge that cut lines at knot. Didn't have that problem with the blackish sycles that they make, appears to have a smoother edge. Def. best day for us was Sunday, had the most hookups. Bob R