One last item. Through the PDR process ( Public Document Request ) I and others have attempted to gather information. We make it public and when this rolled out in a PDR by the Advocacy I was startled. So let us go back to 2013 when one of our local fishers, well known on PP, yelled about no creel count in the Grays Harbor Bay fishery so off District 17 went AND CLOSED THE BAY SEASON. So now was it retribution or conservation or both? Well the creel census September 18 through September 21 had 589 angler trips with a harvest of 152 Wild Chinook & 27 marked Chinook harvested. In other words FISHING sucked! So why the closure? You choose but there is little doubt that what data District 17 had obtained did NOT show a major over harvest.

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in