If they win this (and it looks like they will), the big issue won't be how the two tribes divide up the pie. The problem is that whatever days the Skoks get, they will almost certainly be netting below the mouth of the Satsop. Up until now, the tidal reach between Friends Landing and the mouth of the Satsop has been something of a refuge for the early arriving fish, above the gillnets, while they wait for cooler water (or whatever the hell it is they wait for) to move into the tribs. Put gillnets in there, and almost every Chinook bound for the Satsop or further upstream will get caught and handled, whether they're retained or not.

Question for you guys claiming that the 50/50 split protects the State side from losing opportunity: Whose definition of 50% are you basing that on? It's a legitimate question, because we know the QIN makes its own forecasts (which they use to set their seasons), and they're always higher than the State's. 50% of their forecast often ends up being 60-70% of the actual return. What's to stop them, faced with the prospect of losing opportunity to another tribe, from upping their forecasts a bit more? Or from filing for another reduction in the escapement goals?

I'm not ready to say the sky's falling, but this has the potential to be a big frigging deal.