I received ( among many others ) a Willapa update from Annette Hoffmann at Region 6 a update on fisheries in Willapa and if you want the information PM and I will send it to you. It has a lot of info but it is in attachment spread sheets but it is interesting to say the least.

One should view this with some questions or rather just the word what? While flows are about normal water temperatures are not they are way up and I do not know what the DO levels were or are so that is blank. So from my seat this is what I see. The run is late but everything has been late starting with the Summerrun Steelhead. Had some Springers going through here on the Chehalis, cannot say to numbers but in small schools, the third week of August which is late. So late, likely below forecast for Chinook everywhere, ( ocean catch indicates that is the case ) and river and bay conditions have been just terrible with water temps in the Chehalis plus or minus a bit on 70 degrees. Same is for Willapa I am told so there is zero and I mean zero reason for the fish to enter the bays. The weather has cooled down so as the conditions improve for the fish we wait and see.

Ok now this bit that Annette sent out. For my part I am glad to see that staff has been given the time to put it out to folks and it really does reduce the confusion. As to inseason things I will not touch with a 10 ft pole. Draw your own conclusions but catch is way way down both Rec & commercial.

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Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in