Some more on Willapa. The link is to WDF&W's Commercial page and has the harvest numbers up. The nets so far have taken 12,700 Chinook & 54,429 Coho with more to go. It was modeled to around 7718 combined H&W for Chinook and 21,187 H&W Coho. Here is the rub and it is a goody. The preseason forecast had Coho about 2 to 1 ( give or take a bit ) wild over hatchery. I have been told that WDFW staff have been tracking the mix / harvest and the NOR ( natural origin / wild ) are only coming up at 12%. What this means is simply that the Coho run proportionality ( H+W ) has been lost. Region 6 has zero idea if a massive overharvest has occurred and failure to make escapement for Willapa Coho is a distinct and likely possibility.

Now compare this to last year when Region 6 shut down the Grays Harbor Rec bay fishery with ZERO data to back it up. Strange how this agency works do not you think?

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