I vote to ask that the NT commercial days be spread out evenly across the season. I'd much rather, as primarily an upstream participant, have three or four days per week with nets in the water over the entire season than lose three entire weeks of prime time opportunity, as we did last October. That way, we can fish the tidewater when the nets are out and fish up higher when they go in. Gives us a legit chance to hook up almost every day. Seems to me this scenario would also ensure that at least some of the wild kings will have a chance to get upstream each week.

Granted, if the weather had cooperated last September, we would have had a great time for those 2-3 weeks, but I've decided that counting on Mother Nature is a recipe for disappointment more often than not.

I also would favor more restrictive seasons that could be adjusted as the runs materialize, including no retention of Chinook outside the Humptulips before Chehalis escapements are either met or imminent.