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Just got an oral report that this morning Thurston County Judge Wickham, who is hearing the Willapa challenge filed by Tim, Art, & Ron just threw out the gillnetters case filed earlier this year objecting to changes in the 2013 gillnet season in the Columbia. In that case, the CCA enjoined to argue along with WDFW to defend the changes made to the gill net fishery in the Columbia designed to prevent damage to the fishruns. Same judge as our case in the Willapa, just that WDFW is arguing on opposite side and "on the same team" with the gillnetters in the Willapa case. As they say....."The plot thickens...... More to come.

That is disappointing that the court cancelled the hearing on Friday regarding the temporary restraining order. Unfortunately, the commercial fishing season is moving on as scheduled.

CCA intervened in the CR lawsuit- not enjoined. Enjoin has a very different legal meaning. Just sayingÖ
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