Asked the guys pursuing the legal side of things for a update on the hearing and they forwarded the following.

The injunction hearing is set for Thursday August 29th at 9 AM at Thurston County Courthouse before Judge Wickham. It's only the beginning of the legal road and the only question at this point is whether or not the judge will close the season early this year or let it go on while the legal action plays out. Typically, it is a very short process. Judge delayed hearing date so he has had some time to read the lengthy briefs filed by both sides. Then, a judge will typically allow our side to go first for 10-15 minutes and then the other side the same. Asks questions and then gavels it down. Sometimes the judge will announce the decision orally from the bench and in other cases, let us know later. In this case, the judge will probably first decide whether or not the Willapa Bay Gillnetters Association will be allowed to intervene at this point in time. If he agrees to let them in, their attorney will be allotted some time as well. [i][/i]

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