All should understand the 20% harvest rate is for the next 4 years then 14 % after in the future. You know folks there where several key players in WMP process. That said it was not those folks that truly carried the day but it was the citizen participation. A large number of people made every bloody meeting and stayed with the process. Then we have everyone that followed the process on PP and other places. In the end most came to the position do right by the fish, no more than 14% harvest rate and followed up with comments & e mails. It made a difference!

So for myself my greatest satisfaction is the simple fact that most got past personal desires and stuck to conservation first. Sure the Rec lost some & gained some depending on the fishery but the real winner was the natural order and natural spawning fish.

In the not to distant future the Steelhead issue will becoming toward the Commission. The manner in which citizens participated in Grays Harbor & Willapa Management Policies is a template to follow in other regions in the state. It takes effort, time, a willingness to learn the agency processes, and putting the fish first. It can be done as Grays Harbor and Willapa Management Policies have shown.
Dazed and confused.............the fog is closing in