I've noticed that some advisory groups have a "chair"... others not.

GH and WB are in the NOT camp.

Not really sure how it changes outcomes. I could envision the lay chair leading the group of advisors, taking votes amongst the group for the purposes of passing recommendations .... bonafide advice to the agency.

The agency is still free to take the advice or leave it.... WDFW still has the final say.

As it stands now in the WB and GH advisories, WDFW leads the discussions.... input comes from all around the table from individual advisors, WDFW says OK we've heard the opinions in the room, then WDFW makes its independent decisions. Of course at the end, they will say they made the decision with advisor input for additional cover... the perception being as if the group gave its tacit approval for the decision, when in fact that may NOT be the case at all.
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